Avoid Spikes #147: We’ll See How Long This Lasts


So, it’s been, like FOREVER since the last strip. I know, I know.

Why did I go away? Quite simply, I changed jobs. Left 20 years of corporate bullshit call-centre soul-destruction behind for good, and went to work with my friends in their auto-detailing and retail business. No suit, no performance reviews, no faceless management. Just good times, fun, hard work, filthy food and, it has to be said, excessive amounts of farting.

But why did that stop the strip? Because ALL my ideas came from the dumb-ass, man-child conversations I used to have on breaks with my friends and fellow torture victims in the call centre job. From video game rivalries and dinosaurs to dubbing the Star Wars saga into Yorkshire accents. When I left those behind, the ideas went away too.

But, now we have decided to start the strip up again, for the people that follow our company and think we rock. We like to give our customers a human side to our company, not just posts about sales and offers and products. As I’ll be drawing these for them, I may as well post them all here for you too.

Don’t worry, it’s not going to be corporate shill or strips about detailing. Sure, there’ll be strips about detailing that you might not get, but most of our customers like the same things we do – we’re all big kids, really. There’ll still be plenty of good, geeky humour as well. Posting may not be as regular as it…used to be…more “as and when”. But we’re back, monkeyfluffers.

Avoid Spikes #146: Time (Gentlemen, Please!) Tunnel Pt. 6

Avoid Spikes #146: Time (Gentlemen, Please!) Tunnel Pt. 6Guess you can tell I have been playing a lot of Fable 3 recently, with this little Victorian bit of our ongoing beer-fuelled time travel story. Well, true, the game isn’t strictly set in the Victorian period, but it’s near enough.

And who wouldn’t be disappointed by a lack of dirigibles?

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Avoid Spikes Quickie: #145 – The Roots Of Philosophy

Avoid Spikes Quickie: #145 - The Roots Of Philosophy

Where I can, I like to draw inspiration for the strip from real life. In this case, totally stealing from a random re-tweet. If it was yours…then, well…yoink!

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Avoid Spikes Quickie: #144 – Albion The Watch List

Avoid Spikes Quickie: #144 - Albion The Watch List

So I have spent (in total) a good couple of days over the last couple of months pottering about in the world of Fable 3. Never played any of the earlier incarnations, so I am not tainted by the “OMG they changed everything” school of thought. As I tend to enjoy just wandering about, exploring and finding things in virtual worlds (I decided to not just barrel through the story, which was a wise move) then this is right up my alley. Add to that the excellent “British” humor, awesome visual style and engrossing (if somewhat boiled down) story and I can overlook the game’s many flaws.

And – aside from a gorgeous soundtrack (which I am listening to as I write) – listen to the voice acting! OMG. Consider me absorbed.

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