#33: Unplug Your PC…

#33: Unplug Your PC, Put It Back In The Packaging, Return It To The Store And Tell Them That You Are Too Fucking Stupid To Be Allowed Near The Internet

True, honest-to-God conversation:

Customer: “Why is my phone bill so high?”

Operator: “There’s one number that has calls many hours long, it’s a special rate number, that’s made your bill high. Call it less.”

Customer: “That’s my dial-up connection number. I use it all day and leave it on overnight.”

Operator: “Dial-up? You pay per minute that you use that! That’s crazy!We can do you a good broadband package that will save you hundreds of pounds a month!”

Customer: “Broadband? Oooh, no, I don’t want broadband. It’s too fast.”

Some people are so laden with fail that they should be taken out and shot. Slowly. With a rusty hammer.

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