#34: What We Owe

#34: What We Owe

A reporter was interviewing 110-year old Harry Patch, one of the last three living British veterans of World War One. He asked him: “What do you hope people remember most about the Great War?”

He paused for the briefest of moments, this tiny, frail old man, and when the words came out they were but a mere whisper, as if every breath made was a valuable resource to be used wisely and carefully. He looked up and said:

“Remember the Germans.” And then, a few seconds later, he added: “They lost people too.”

Somehow, I think we have utterly lost the ability to forgive like that.

Martin: Remembrance day always moves me in a way I never quite understand…I guess because I have no direct connection with the war or anyone involved. And when you see these frail old men who are bigger and stronger and more noble than I could ever hope to be…

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