#37: Visions Of Hope

#37: Visions Of Hope

Absolutely true. Within a few days of resurrecting ‘Day Of The Triffids’ from some dark corner of my idle mind I happened across a BBC News article about the new 3-part series they are making.

What are the odds of that?

Originally this strip was to have Mart and I walking back into Mart’s house (random trivia you probably didn’t realise: the strip is set in Mart’s house, where I seem to be a perpetual visitor) to see a couple of hawt chix in skimpy underwear sat on the couch, 360 controllers in hand, but due to limitations of time this weekend it had to be ditched for this instead. You have to understand, drawing chicks is HARD. It’s all those curvy bits and boobs and stuff. Takes ages.

And apologies to Eva who missed out on Skypey because I had to get this done 😦

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