#50: I’ve Seen the Future And It Will Be…

#50: I've Seen the Future And It Will Be...

So the biggest wow at this year’s GDC was the announcement of OnLive, the streaming gameplay service that will do away with the need for consoles or expensive gaming rigs by handling all the computing for you “in the cloud” and simply sending you a hi-res video feed of the game real-time.

Sounds awesome, although I think there are far too many hurdles for it to work right now (broadband speeds, reliable connections and usage caps to name but a few). But if it did take off and became a hot item, a few years from now there may be no need for consoles or fancy-schmancy gaming PC hardware. And it would effectively do away with anyone actually in the business of physically selling games.

Could be a flop (can you say ‘Phantom’?) or could be a game-changer. We shall wait and see.

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