#65: The Phases Of Mass Effect

#65: The Phases Of Mass Effect

Yes, yes, I know, Mass Effect came out in 2007. I only started playing it recently after Fallout 3 got me into the more RPG type of game. Bite me.

Anyway, although I am thoroughly enjoying the game, I have to call out Bioware for giving me a hairy-scary complicated inventory and gameplay system with pretty much NO TUTORIAL OR EXPLANATION WHATSOEVER. Fuckers.

“Here’s our game, it’s really quite complex, GO!”

I spent 80% of my first hour of gameplay surfing the net for information and advice – not the best of starts. For example, I was 6 hours in before I deduced (by using my GRATE BRANE) that a little symbol on the equipment screen represented “omni-gel”. All I knew was I had 15 of something, but I had no idea what.

So here’s hoping that Mass Effect 2 actually teaches you what everything is and how to use it all before you are halfway through the game.

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