Avoid Spikes Quickie: #138 – On The Origin Of Faeces

See? I can do SCIENCE! unwittingly.

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Avoid Spikes Quickie: #137 – Sugar Dumb Furry


Sometimes, it’s hard to resist being in it for the lulz.

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Avoid Spikes Quickie: #136 – Baritone Sofabarf

I swear on the holy secret source of Pot Noodles, every junk mail gag  I come up with is based on actual shit I get. It’s an endless source. People must have to be INCREDIBLY dumb as fuck to fall for it.

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Avoid Spikes Quickie: #135 – Reach Exceeding Grasp

I actually like taking little IQ tests. Probably the same part of me that loves doing surveys. Mike (he of Kaya the hugedog) claims to have gotten a higher score than me in the BBC IQ test a few years ago.

I maintain my position that he cheated.

DON’T FORGET: as I will be away at a stag do this weekend – tearing across mountains on a quad bike and terrorising clay pigeons with a shotgun – there will be no Sunday strip this weekend. Assuming that I don’t Rik Mayall myself on the quad or somehow shoot myself in the ass, Sunday will be spent nursing a bastard of a hangover and a very, very sore shoulder. Normal service will be resumed the weekend after.

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